by Sixteen Jackies

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released June 24, 2016



all rights reserved


Sixteen Jackies Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Band Members:
Joey DeMarco (Vox, Guitar) Jeremiah Bull (Guitar, Keys) Ian Staley (Drums, Keys) Tim Davis (Bass)

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Track Name: Blood Feast
well the last time we kissed you had yr fingers crossed
was that for luck or the lie?
you didn't even try to make it seem honest
i'm gonna get a lil dog
and i'm gonna name it You
we're gonna work out the things that we never got around to
i've be taking my time with it this time
but this time i mean it

cus i know that one of these days i'm gonna pull yr push
you're gonna fall right into me
and if i can't keep you as a lover then i can keep you in dreams
and i won't ever ever have to be lonely again

today, i said yr name into the mirror
and you appeared
with a long island
and said "leave me alone"

but i know that one of these days...
Track Name: Mighty Red Sailor
it's such a beautiful morning
don't say you didn't get a warning
the sky is looking mighty red, sailor
i'm looking for an answer and it's not in his pants
her number's on the tip of my tongue
you keep dreaming kid
i'll keep scheming
there's something in the water here that ain't what it seems
but it seems i've confused hating myself
with falling headfirst in love with somebody else
and i just wanna go back home

well i'm pretty sure that that song i just heard on the radio was trying to kill me
that sick steady sound that brought me down to the ground with its hands tied around my throat
you keep prying
i'll keep letting out sighs
convince myself to think that maybe there's a reason to try
it seems i've confused being alone with being insightful
when i'm just staying at home
but something's gotta boil these bones

oh yeah, everything
stops and starts again
but i just want it all to end
i wanna kiss my friends
keep pushing in that piiiiiiiin...
Track Name: Shelley
i'm a loser
tape me to yr wall
i'm the virgin ghost of shelley duvall
wearing a crown of thorns

momma's tell girls like me to look out for boys you
and i've got a notion of just you wanna do
but i guess that's cool
cus you're. so. cool.

with one hand draped with rosary beads and a mouth full of pomegranate seeds
you can't go home, you can't go home
there ain't no home anymore

blood on my tongue
drip drop from yr teeth
hang me on the door like a christmas wreath
cus i've got spirit, honey
i've got spirit

kiss me once shame on me
kiss me twice shame on me
kiss me three times shame on me
kiss me four times shame on me

with one arm wrapped around my waist
while the other's throwing fists into my sorry face
i'm the patron saint of teenage creeps
i'm a martyr at the alter till yr interest gets piqued
Track Name: Tipsy Sister
yr tipsy sister spoke in tongues to the weary eyed witnesses lurking on the front porch as we set a table for our chemical feast in the back
(and as the camera fades black)
cassandra mumbled something about sacrifice and i remember what it's like on the inside of cathedrals

i heard somebody say that the cool ones don't die
but at the altar we built atop our golden years
i just assumed that we were gonna try
'n i fell for the magic trick, fed from the trough
i thought i was onto it but i was only ever getting off

i got bored
so i let my eyes blur over
gave it up to any kind of higher power
like the booze, like the drugs,
like a punch in the face from a boy who's just as fucked as me,
like his arms around my waist when i'm asleep...
and when i came to i guess i knew what to do
all i really needed was a cup to catch the blood